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# M51345-04: 6" Fuel Line # PP212: Spark Plug
Our Price: $4.20
Our Price: $5.86

# M51345-04
Used on Desa brand heaters.

# PP212
Used on all oil fired heaters 70K btu &
smaller made by Desa (that used spark plugs).
# PP213: Filter Kit # 097702-01: Fuel Cap
Our Price: $5.86
Our Price: $5.95

# PP213
Used on all low pressure oil fired heaters made by Desa that are
70k btu or smaller.

# 097702-01
2-1/8" Diameter, Fits many torpedo &
salamander forced air heaters.
# KFA1006: Pump Adjustment Kit # M29609: Filter Cover
Our Price: $5.99
Our Price: $6.90

# KFA1006
Used on brands Pro Temp, HeatHog, Dayton, WorkHorse,
Dyna-Heat, DynaGlo & Dyna Pro.

# M29609
Round plastic filter cover used on all Desa
heaters 70k BTU & smaller.

# PP216: Photocell Kit #PP217: Pump Adjustement Kit
Our Price: $6.99
Our Price: $6.99

# PP216
Used on Desa oil fired heaters that use a spark plug.

# PP217
Includes Adjusting Screw, Plug & Spring.
#M50876-02: Fuel Filter # M50876-05: Fuel Filter
Our Price: $7.12
Our Price: $7.12

# M50876-02
Used in 50K & some 70K btu oil fired heaters made by Desa.

# M50876-05
Used in 55K & 70K btu oil fired heaters made by Desa.
# M16545: Filter Cover # M50876-04: Fuel Filter (3.25")
Our Price: $7.28
Our Price: $7.80

# M16545
Plastic rectangular filter end cover used on
Desa heaters larger than 70K btu.

# M50876-04
Used in 35k & 40k btu oil fired heaters made by Desa.
# 21810: Cover Plate # PP237: Photocell
Our Price: $9.90
Our Price: $9.99

# 21810
Used on Mr. Heater, Enerco & HeatStar heaters.

# PP237
Used on Model # HP600LLT, 5" Length.
#PP214: Filter Kit # 099133-01: Ignitor / Electrode
Our Price: $10.40
Our Price: $11.04

# PP214
Used is oil fired heaters 100k & larger made by Desa.

# 099133-01
Used on 155k btu LP heaters made by Desa.
# M50112: Nozzle # F226865: Photocell / Flame Sensor Kit
Our Price: $12.00
Our Price: $16.20

# M50112
Used on Desa heaters 350k BTU.

# F226865
Used on Mr Heater brands.
#3221-0029-00: End Cover # F221887: Filter Kit
Our Price: $17.14
Our Price: $20.10

# 3221-0029-00
Used on Dyna Glo Pro & Thermoheat heaters imported by GHP.

# F221887
Replacement Filter Kit for Kerosene Heaters.
#PP209: Siphon Nozzle # 113884-01: Thermocouple
Our Price: $21.99
Our Price: $22.00

# PP209
Used on 100k & 110k btu heaters made by
before 1992.
# 113884-01
Used on 55 - 125k BTU models made by Desa.
# PP204: Rotor Kit (1/2") #PP205: Rotor Kit (5/8")
Our Price: $23.40
Our Price: $23.40

# PP204
Used on all oil fired heaters (except the 215k) heaters made by
Pinnacle, Desa, GHP, LB White and more.

# PP205
sed on 55K btu and 200-215K btu heaters made by
Desa and Pinnacle.
#PP211: Spark Plug # M8643-3: Vane Blades
Our Price: $24.60
Our Price: $24.94

# PP211
Used on all heaters made by Desa 100k btu or larger.

# M8643-3
Package of 4 Vane Blades.
#PP221: Nozzle # PP223: Nozzle
Our Price: $25.99
Our Price: $27.99

# PP221
Used on 110k and 115k BTU heaters as well as the
125k BTU heater that has the plastic shell on the tank.

# PP223
sed on 165k & 170k BTU heaters.
#PP207: Siphon Nozzle ENE 28742: Nozzle
Our Price: $29.99
Our Price: $35.20

# PP207
Nozzle with o ring.

# ENE28742
sed on 125K Btu heaters.

# PP235: Nozzle # F226831: Rotor Kit (5/8")
Our Price: $38.84
Our Price: $42.12

# PP235
sed on 200K btu heaters made by DESA.

# F226831
Used on
Mr Heater, Heatstar, Enerco and Dewalt
oil fired heaters.
# PP200: "L" Shaped Hot Surface Igniter #M22456-3: Rotor (3/4")
Our Price: $46.80
Our Price: $48.96

# PP200
Hot surface igniter for Desa heaters.

# M22456-3
sed on older Desa btu oil fired heaters.

# PP234: Thermostat Kit #22222: Ignition Module Kit
Our Price: $52.80
Our Price: $53.90

# PP234
Used on any oil fired heater and any LP heater
that has an automatic ignition.

# 22222
Used on
Mr Heater Buddy Pro Air series.
# PP203: Safety Control Kit # PP201: Ignitor
Our Price: $58.99
Our Price: $74.10

# PP203
PP203 Flameout Safety Control is the replacement part
for the HA3002 and HA3003.

# PP201
sed on many DESA heaters. 2 wire ceramic cigarette style HSI.
#21-4009: Nozzle # 7808NR: Potted DSI Control
Our Price: $83.34
Our Price: $94.60

Nozzle Kit for Dura Heat Kerosene Forced Air heater.

ade by Fenwal for Desa International heaters.